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Disclaimer: This is MY opinion, based on my 40+ years of experience professionally machining, assembling, engineering and dyno testing racing engines of various types & families. There is some “disagreement” among professionals, about what is, or what is not important, with respect to engine performance.

1 Feel free to post up and comment, but understand from the start, that I have no intention of addressing every response.
2 Rants or other less than civil posts, will NOT be addressed. And will probably be deleted.
3 I MAY take the time to divert from my plan/outline, if I feel responding to a comment can add some value.
4 Science and logic are going to be the basis of this examination. There is no place for passion here.
5 Without hard “data”, (ie: dyno sheets, flowbench sheets, etc), you are just another guy with an “opinion”. Also, comments like: “I heard this about so-in-so’s engine.” Is just that...
Racing Engines Technical Examination.

John Morton: Racing Shelby, BRE Datsun, Porsche & more - Inside the MotoMan Studio

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Racing legend John Morton shares his incredible journey from literally mopping the floor at Shelby American to racing for Carroll Shelby alongside Ken Miles – all before his BRE Datsun fame. MotoMan then learns of the many other facets of John Morton’s life from racing on the same Porsche team with Hurley Haywood to flying airplanes . . .

Bruce Canepa racing the 1969 Porsche 917K 015 at Rennsport Reunion

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Take a ride along with Bruce Canepa inside of the 1969 Porsche 917K 015. This racecar has been restored from the ground up, with every single bolt and nut checked. Watch as he laps the famous Laguna Seca and passes by numerous historic race cars. Learn more about Canepa and Canepa Motorsports at

I found 2 priceless race cars in a junkyard

How To Drive Like A Pro Racer

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Today Randy is coaching our buddy Dustin. Ride along and see what the pros are thinking when they are on track, as Randy shares his incredible knowledge about cars and driving. Enjoy our last episode from Sebring Raceway. We're headed to Barber next!

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I Bought an Abandoned Ferrari 512 BBi Sat Outside Rotting for 12 Years

1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 Sound In Action On Hillclimb

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Posted by 19BOZZY92

Piëch to Peak - 300 Miles Through The Rockies

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Posted on Road Scholars YT:

Accumoto A New Level of Perfection

So, you want to race a Mini, because they look cute? ? ?
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Ah yes, the venerable Mini and it's cousins . . . . . Cute and "compact", sort of like a Tribble or perhaps an Ewok. And just as much trouble . . . . .

Powered by the BMC 'A' series engine, but in it's "transverse" format. Some photos of what it takes to dyno test a Mini, requiring quite a bit in the way of adaption just to get them "hooked up".

Porsche – The Racing 914s | Roy Smith full-length interview

2020 VSCDA Race Results
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Race Results – 2020​


Ridiculous Mini v Alfa GTA track battle at Goodwood

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Ridiculous Mini v Alfa GTA track battle at Goodwood

The 10 best moments of The Goodwood Revival from the 2010s!

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This awesome decade round-up of the Goodwood Revival includes Kenny Bräck’s wet-weather wonder drive in a Ford GT40, an assembly of all the original Cobra Daytona Coupés on track, fifteen Ferrari 250 GTOs in convoy and the some of the best on track battles!

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Aston Martin DB4 GT crashes after bold move

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VSCDA 2020 Event Calendar

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Gingerman Spring Brake Drivers School & Race Event Apr 30 - May 3, 2020
Blackhawk Vintage Classic XXVI June 19-20, 2020
Vintage Grand Prix AuGrattan XXXII Aug 14-16, 2020
Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival XXXIII Sept 18-20, 2020
Blackhawktoberfest II Oct 17-18, 2020
Annual Banquet Nov 2020

Oh Shit Moment in a FF @ ELVF 2019

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