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    New Administrator / Forum Director seems so. I just couldn't devote time and resources to it and it appears my hand-off to another operator has failed. Sorry folks. See y'all at the races.
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    TATRA T603...etc.
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    Did I miss the bigger picture?

    Thanks Dave...I gave him every chance to redeem himself, but he just couldn't do it. He is like a run over dog that bites the people trying to save him. At this point I can't even say I wish him well. Sad.... That guy tried to help so I bit his hand off.
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    Have you thought of hand-grooved bias-ply slicks Mike? I think there are the sizes you need. They are more period correct than any of these modern "vintage" tires.
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    OK win. I have only so much tolerance for antisocial and borderline psychopathic behavior. I apologize to the rest of the survivors here that I didn't take your advice. Rather than legitimize this response I have decided to simply eliminate the source.
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    New Administrator / Forum Director

    I stand by what I said Rick. Tony has no influence over me. Call him if you want that verified. LOL.
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    New Administrator / Forum Director

    I approve of all your suggestions. Let's see what happens. Actually, when I started this I was only thinking of a place to display and debate vintage racing rules...hence the name. Y'all took it outside that box, and that became the direction it went. I also encouraged folks to say what they...
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    Evolution - what does it mean... if anything

    Sadly, you are right and I agree. The "Depends crowd" does call the shots. We have had an open door for those cars at HSR for the 5 years I have been there. We get 3 or 4 at the most at any event. Those folks just don't seem to respond to invitations. Having said that, I also have no problem...
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    I've finally finished my new shop website! have led a self centered racing life. Danny Gerber was (is?) the heir to the Gerber baby food company in Fremont Michigan, not far from Grattan. He also had one of the first AC Cobras and shared a Ford dealership in Fremont with Tom Payne (look him up too), When we started racing...
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    I've finally finished my new shop website!

    Great job Michael! Now if you would just get your guys to Put-in-Bay this year..... Put in Bay Sports Car Races 2018
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    AS Mustang Question

    I'm still here and will continue to do what I can.
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    AS Mustang Question

    Most organizations allow the 302 in place of the 289. If they apply a weight penalty, 100# is considered appropriate. In actual fact, your car is probably over 2800# so that point is moot. Here is the HSR Supplemental Regulation for Gen. 1 Mustangs (and Cougars) [/url]
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    Qualifying: 2018 Rolex 24 At Daytona

    Rolex at Daytona Spotter Guide (PDF) Andy Blackmore IMSA Spotter Guides
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    No clue..... Perhaps John Z. can research that.
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    I have made you a moderator Ronnie...does that give you an Edit button?
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    Thanks Terry. One of my original concepts was to provide a place where folks could vent and call out their displeasures with the various organizations they had "issues" with. At that time I fully expected that all the organizations had issues worthy of discussions. I had no idea that it would...
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    New Administrator / Forum Director

    Thanks for the accolades from all. However, contrary to rumors of my departure...I am not going away. In fact, in my opinion, Vintage Racing is as healthy as ever, but in ways different than what we had 20-30 years ago. Most organizations appear to have stable financial platforms, at least...
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    New Administrator / Forum Director

    After 7 years of trying to build a meaningful forum for folks to come, share, vent, brag, admonish, and learn about the ins and outs of Vintage Racing, I am turning the reins over. No, sadly, I haven't been bought out by Google. In fact this is a handshake deal. I would grade the success as a...