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    Or, as another has opined: ["Then the LORD God... breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being."-- Genesis 2:7] [3987]
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    MGB rod bearing failures, here's my plan

    Let us also hope that they prove to be "the Bee's Knees"!...or, at the very least, "the caterpillar's kimono": [767]
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    Diminutive Engines...Skinny Tyres...Good Racing.

    Truly it has been noted, that "Really good racing is not dependent on engine size !" All of these harboring a 1/2 L., single-cylinder, powerplant: LOVE those thin tyres.
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    TATRA T603...etc.

    [size=4][color=#000099]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1,027,265 WORLD WIDE views!
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    The Wallow/The Roll Slide!

    "The Wallow/The Roll/The Slide !": Le Mans legend Tom Kristensen in a 1959 Ford Thunderbird during the St. Mary's Trophy at Goodwood Revival.
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    I've finally finished my new shop website!

    Oh, just a bit of a 2008 'Singapore Sling' written form !: [748]
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    TATRA T603...etc.

    [size=4][color=#000099]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1,006,126 WORLD WIDE views!
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    VARA 2018... Schedule Events

    15 year old Greg Siam's FP Triumph Spitfire: Group 3 Race (Feb 18th, 2018) - "Wings & Slicks": "We had in-car video problems so patched together CairyAnn's external footage (thanks luv!) with a couple of snapshots. A glimpse or 2 of JD "Black #21), a couple of Daryl "White-Grey"...
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    TATRA T603...etc.

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    A Tip of the Hat To you Sir !...for your wonderful discernment and wit. [386]
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    Nope: NOTE: I errored-somewhat in not pointing out that all of those posts are sans EDIT button...UNTIL you reach the 9 th. page. The entry below begins to show them again !:
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    TATRA T603...etc.

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    And a Tip Of The Hat to you, Johnny Z. ... AND : business...i.e., a few IDEAS: 1.) Make the "SEARCH" function more intuitive. I seem to never be able to proper employ it. 2.) My pet-project, the TATRA thread (TT), ALMOST 1 Million world-wide views, took a big hit, when...
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    Well saddle-pal, the trail's been long...and hard at times. Few ever really knew of all the effort that you expended in this site's creation & upkeep. NOT a meager amount. It will be of interest to see if your future postings are, as a 'street-corner Jack', as interesting & insightful, as...
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    Dan Gurney is gone

    Very nice remembrances Rick! Glad that you related same. Now I feel as if I know something 'real' of his personality...and charm ! [18]
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    Evolution - what does it mean... if anything

    Yes sir, Davie...I can easily look back to the mid-'60's, at Meadowdale & elsewhere, & how the amateur "rich guys" pulled into the venue w/their steeds on open trailers, while all the rest either dragged them there, employing tow-hitches...or drove them, being street legal, on the roads. BTW...
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    Who Knows ?...2017.

    At the 2017 Race at Long Beachie... the actual racing begins at the 0530 mark:
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    2017 Christmas !

    Serbian Christmas song...Andjeli Pevaju: The night so grand and placid, A star shining over the cave, The mother sleeping in the cave, Where the angel of Jesus hast been. The angels are singing, The shepherds are fluting, The angels are singing, The wise bring it forth: What the...
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    TATRA T603...etc.

    [size=4]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>949,924 World-Wide Views!
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    IT'S B-A-C-K !

    The Grand Tour returned yesterday !