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    Camshaft Lobe Lift vs. Valve Lift Profile

    Here is a little research experiment I'm running. I'm interested in observing how the lift curve changes from the lobe to the valve. I currently have two examples of aftermarket camshafts and a stock one being measured. I hope to get more down the road. The valvetrain geometry has been...
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    A little warmup

    Warming up on the dyno last spring. Also, how a race car should sound at idle ;)
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    Prisma phone app

    I finally downloaded Prisma, which is a free phone app that turns photos into 'art'. This is kind of 'the' photo app of the summer. Spent about a hour applying it to old and new racing photos. I use two other apps for sizing and I'll use Instagram to turn things black and white / adjust...
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    Home made Spintron

    It's on a Norton, but great thread none-the-less: and accompanying Kevin Cameron article shared in that thread:
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    Engine performance graphs

    These are modeled data looking at two different camshafts - I'll let you guys look at them and digest for a bit: Power graph: Mass trace graphs: 4500rpm: 7000rpm: Mach index vs cam lift: 4500rpm: 7000rpm:
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    Do you know what your ignition timing is doing?

    Often you see people scrutinize over the tiniest of details - be it cam numbers or ignition timing. As seen here, under dynamic conditions, things aren't always where you think they are:
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    Jefferson 500

    Anyone else going? I'll be there starting late Friday evening. Let me know and I'll come by and introduce myself.
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    Valve Lift vs. Piston Position

    I have a nice little program that can output predicted cam events in 1* increments up to 4 decimal places of lift. For a camshaft predicted at a certain power level / rpm / lifter type (.75" dia. roller) plus a bunch of other parameters, I then compared it to my shortblock at the same rpm...
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    Head flow vs camshaft selection

    This should be a fun topic. Here is a screenshot taken from a forum: It's a Crossflow Lotus / Ford head (1600cc / Elan motor). The valve sizes are the same for all 3 heads. The only difference is in how well they were ported, valve shape selection, and seat angles. Testing done on the...
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    SCCA Runoffs 2015 at Daytona

    Well qualifying starts today. Word from the test days is that a lot of people who are usually fast, and thought this would be easy since it's a superspeedway, are finding themselves 5-7s off the pace. To quote someone: As someone else put it The Spec Miata guys have found that 2 and 4 cars...
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    Daytona ARRC - 1960s configurations

    I was talking to Dick Stockton (top D-Prod and B-Prod racer in the 1960s) and he mentioned how they ran different configurations back then. A quick internet search found the ARRC courses when originally held at Daytona in 1965. The top track was used by the faster classes and the bottom by the...
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    Chevrolet R0X build

    Really shows how crazy even the Sportsman level drag race stuff is from an engineering stand point: Cylinder head: Crank: Rods:
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    Cool cylinder head swap

    My cylinder head guy, Nick Smithberg, is doing a Volvo B234 head on a 2.3L Ford for a Bonneville car. Should be really interesting to see how this one goes!
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    Datsun U67 L20 cylinder head - extensive modifications

    Steve Bonk shared this with me and it's a very awesome thread.
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    TR4 track-day

    Figured some of you guys would get a kick out of this. Track was cold (~40*F, so tires never fully came up to temp). The driver grew up hanging out at Dick's shop, so he let him take it for a spin.
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    Used NASCAR connecting rods - tech

    Just thought I would make a little topic, so people aren't surprised if they go this route. It isn't really a secret that you can get incredibly nice and strong connecting rods for little money on Ebay. Usually they're Carrillo, Pankl (same company as Carrillo), or Lentz brands. Most of these...
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    A-Series engine development

    Dave, I started a new thread so Mark's thread can continue without interruption on topic. I'll take a stab at this, with a caveat I have zero experience with A-series engines and most of my experience comes from single cylinders and helping friends / watching over their shoulders. The first...
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    Yamaha 500cc 2 valve engine development

    While this isn't exactly applicable to any particular motor that is of interest for people here, it might offer a glimpse into this kind of thing for someone who isn't around this stuff. It is also an approaching that can be taken to anything any else is using, however. The engine is a '78...
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    2008 Kastner Cup

    I uploaded this to youtube a couple weeks ago. It seems the 'Group 3' section and its video thread disappeared. 2008 Kastner Cup A valve head separated from the valve stem heading into the heel. The #7 Kreger TR6 was on 225/45 Hoosier R6s, the other TR6s were on cantilever slicks. Dick...
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    Road Atlanta (before and after)