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    VSCDA at Road America Sept 13-16 2018

    Who is going? I will be there one of the days! It will be a huge turnout for Spridget cars for the British folks.
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    Who is racing at BlackHawk or Indy Fathers day weekend?

    I will be at Black Hawk racing. We have a B Sedan race for eligible cars! Cheers, Steve
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    This was sent to me. I did find this to be one of those things, where I said to myself "about time" I knew something would be changing with a some of the stuff I was hearing that was going on out there. Notice about Car preparation for Monterey IMPORTANT NOTICE To: Entrants, Track...
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    Compression ratio, what is too much?

    This forum has been a little slow for me. So I thought, that maybe some of the engine guys would want to chime in with there ideas. Many of you guys know that a goof around with Datsun L series motors. Years ago in the 70s some of the top builders thought that you didn't want to go over...
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    Hi, Guys this came up on another forum I go to. A gentleman is porting his Datsun head, for a road race endurance Z car. I asked if he was flowing the intake port with a intake and carb, someone else jumped in and said it was not necessary to do that. Now the one thing about this...
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    SVRA has their TECH ZONE UP! Some people DQd
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    CVAR trying to put Genie back in the Bottle

    A friend, that is part of CVAR in Texas sent this to me. I find it very noble that they are trying to get the over sized Motor cars back to proper engine size etc. I think Rick Parent will enjoy this. Cheers, Steve
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    The Average Vintage racer Mind set.

    It just so happens I was talking to a Vintage Racer buddy. This gentleman epitomizes what I think is a Vintage racer of the last 15 years or so in my humble opinion. I will call him Mike. Mike, has always been a car enthusiast all the way back to being a kid. But being a car enthusiast and...
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    Here is a tech bulletin that I just saw. I think it is very forward thinking. I have quite a list of cars that I always wondered about. Check it out! Steve
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    Ok folks, this might seem like a very simple question and answer? But I have heard both sides of the equation and have heard convincing arguments for both answers and still have not come up with a definitive correct answer. I have not found the answer on my searches on the web. So here is the...
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    Monterrey Event

    I was just sent this link. I figured I would share it. Since we all discuss what is considered vintage? Historic? Or legal This really has it all. I can actually see both sides of the argument. But I guess Monterrey is not pinnacle of proper spec cars anymore. Not that I really thought it...
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    The Ornery Old Curmudgeon Bitch List section

    I decided to take Bobby's idea and make it a reality. Anybody, that maybe just had a bad day can post their pet peeves, Let it all hang out. If somebody doesn't want to see or hear bitching and complaining don't come to this section. I really think over time this will be a very popular...
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    Well, race fans (yesterday) Saturday I went for the day to enjoy the event! Other than it was pretty hot and humid, it was a great day of Motor Racing. I got to meet up with many friends without having to drive around the United States. I was very happy that the PRO-AM race was run on...
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    What can be done to make more people want to race with SVRA?

    I think this might be a great place to talk about how to improve SVRA for "most people to enjoy." I will state first, that lets forget about the price of certain events. If you can't afford to go to Indy or Cota, year after year then don't. What sparked this post was that I saw SVRA is...
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    VINTAGE SPIRIT! What it is, What it's not

    So, Over here on the Vintage spirit thread. I have heard the word Vintage Spirit thrown around a lot for the last 16 years. To me personally, it is more of a mind set. Then a car Prep thing. Do I like cars to be somewhat close to whatever year they are trying to emulate? Yes. But would...
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    Vintage racer at Lime Rock Vintage race passes away.

    For anybody who might know Lee Duran. RIP.,0,3026941.story
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    Hypothetical Vintage racing questions!

    We have discussed a great many ideas on Jacks Forum. We tend to come back to cheating on a regular basis. Which I enjoy. I have read books just written about cheating in Nascar. Richard Petty use to say Cheat Neat. Meaning, don't be blatant about it. So these 2 question are not pointed at...
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    B SEDAN 1972 Rules.

    So guys I was just reading the 1972 B sedan rules from SCCA. Let us see how everybody interpets the rules. 5.The crankshaft may be replaced with another of the same basic material, but no changes in stroke or journal dimensions are permitted. Pretty straight forward, (Billet Cranks OK?)...
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    Hello everybody, Just wondering how everybody liked the Grattan event? Any helpful criticism is great. I went to support the Trans Am B sedan race. I was very happy to see the cars that made the grid for that race. But unfortunately 2 Alfa's and 1 BMW that were at the track did not make...
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    John Morton Project 46 Z car on bring a Trailer