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    Fall Festival at Elkhart Lake - did anyone else have problems?

    No results but what as mess this event was. In the past it has been acceptable but never stellar. They always have a nice turnout of cars, mainly because of the location (Road America) and the fact that there are so many great cars within a half day tow, and the fact that the long dark night is...
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    1965 Wolseley Hornet Vintage race car
  3. Mini Madness

    Austin Healey Fully Documented Vintage Race Car
  4. Mini Madness

    MGTD or TF Wanted

    From: Sent: 1/16/2011 6:10:10 P.M. Eastern Standard Time Subj: MG T series wanted Hey guys, An old friend of mine, who had a beater TD in college, now would like to have a high quality T "driver." His number one wish is for a TF 1500; second is a TD. Any help...
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    Prod Cars at vintage events

    I have heard that at least one vintage group may start allowing post 1972 spec production cars to race at selected events. Does anyone know more about this?