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    Coffield mkII H/Mod.

    Hello everyone. Looking fo info/pics of the above car,owned, designed and built by Paul Coffield of Durand Michigan. I have a pic of it running at Watterford Mi in 1962. Would dearly get any info on my late Uncles car. Thank you.
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    Mike from Arizona vintage car restorer

    Hi again gentlemen. Did some more searching. And found a 2010 article on a Jabro enthusiest whom had furnished Jabro plans and restored a few. Is he here? Possibly someone be able to connect me with him? Regards. Al
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    crosley powered vintage h modifed plans/info

    Hello everyone. I'm a newbie to sports cars but a Crosley nut.I also mess around withdraw cars.Am looking for any build info for the old Walter Martin PMY cars, Jado, Lotus Miller, etc. I found a add for the Martin plans in Popular Mechanics from July 58, but obviously probably not available...