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    VARA 2018... Schedule Events

    15 year old Greg Siam's FP Triumph Spitfire: Group 3 Race (Feb 18th, 2018) - "Wings & Slicks": "We had in-car video problems so patched together CairyAnn's external footage (thanks luv!) with a couple of snapshots. A glimpse or 2 of JD "Black #21), a couple of Daryl "White-Grey"...
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    VARA 2017... Schedule Events [113]
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    VARA 2017... Schedule Events

    "The Comings & Going of Maui Brandhoff"...and his Cobra. (1st. in Class Winner) Pop's Red Wagon! Greg Siam in his 1963 Triumph Spitfire running in F Production. B Sedan and C sedan race... CS 1963 Mini Cooper, R. Davies:
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events

    11/6/16: Group 4 Flag Race: "This little Swift [1985 Swift DB-3] can get around corners faster than a hungry pickpocket..". The car is the Molonay Tubilderborst Team 1985 Swift DB-3, which uses a 2 liter Ford Pinto engine producing around 140 hp. Every other car in the race had more...
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events

    {In addition to the post above.} Pit Tour: Bashing About (Video portion begins @ 3:30): Kurt Blasman, 1970 BMW 2002... BSL (formaly CS over 1300cc) "GROUP 1 sunday race at Willow Springs Raceway. Started 7th finished 3rd overall. Had really good race with GTV alfa romeo...
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    1959 Austin A40 Farina

    "A-40's, One & Two": 'Anthony Reid ran out the winner, however, it was not until just before half-distance before he was able to power his Don Law Racing Jaguar Mk1 past the giant-killing polesitter, the family Austin A40 of Andrew Jordan.'- Goodwood Road & Racing [45]
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events

    May 1st, 2016 - SVRA Wings & Slicks Rain, Rain, go away! ***************************************************** Shortest test day ever. Sunday 5/1/16 Race 'First race in my new 240Z :) Transmission temp fixed.'--B & B Racing...
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events

    My First Race "Group 3 Flag Race. I had a good battle for first and it was my first race ever. I ended up doing a 2:12 fast lap. I had so much fun!!"-- Greg Siam 1967 GTV - The Tin Top Tussle 1967 GTV "Triumph TR3 vintage racing with VARA (Vintage Auto Racing Association)...
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events!british-extravaganza-apr-23-24/eedjs [964]
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events

    High Desert Challenge REGISTER ONLINE NOW! MARCH 19-20, 2016 High Desert Challenge Willow Springs International Raceway, Rosamond, CA JOINT EVENT WITH SVRA Download ENTRY FORMDownload Entry Letter In addition to all VARA and SVRA regular run groups, The TWO HOUR ENDURO returns on...
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events

    2016 Feb 7th, preview of Group 4: "Vince (1.6 ltr water cooled March) chasing me in my 1.8 ltr RALT Super Vee. He was very fast all weekend but couldn't quite pass me on Sunday even though I tried to help him with mistakes in a couple of corners. Great Race and weekend."-- Robert Merritt...
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events ******************************************************* [354]
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    VARA 2016... Schedule Events

    Father & Son Bonding-Act! Greg Siam follows his 13 YEAR OLD son, Connor, on one hot-lap of Buttonwillow...during the 2016 'University of Vara' weekend there: "This lap was the one and only hot lap Connor and I got this weekend at VARA University 2016. Thank you VARA for putting on this...