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  1. zuzulo56

    VARA 2018... Schedule Events

    15 year old Greg Siam's FP Triumph Spitfire: Group 3 Race (Feb 18th, 2018) - "Wings & Slicks": "We had in-car video problems so patched together CairyAnn's external footage (thanks luv!) with a couple of snapshots. A glimpse or 2 of JD "Black #21), a couple of Daryl "White-Grey"...
  2. zuzulo56

    VARA 2017... Schedule Events

    "The Comings & Going of Maui Brandhoff"...and his Cobra. (1st. in Class Winner) Pop's Red Wagon! Greg Siam in his 1963 Triumph Spitfire running in F Production. B Sedan and C sedan race... CS 1963 Mini Cooper, R. Davies:
  3. zuzulo56

    VARA 2015 Schedule Events

    PDF of "TECH RULES/Car Class.":!forms/c1gqj ************************************************************************* Word has reached our cigar burnt & bourbon-strained (vintage) mahogany...
  4. zuzulo56

    VARA 2014 Schedule Events

    [size=4]>>>>>>>In the Land of "Area 51" and 'Art Bell'.
  5. zuzulo56

    VARA...Riverside.... 4/4/1986.

    A cool-weather April day, as I recall. His fan's will recognize the youngish lad (at the very beginning and elsewhere), clad in Army-type clothing, securing autographs & such, as "PATO"...which, they know means "Duck" in Portuguese. (And NOW, he's the one giving out auto-G's!)
  6. zuzulo56

    2013 SVRA...Sebring... Beyond.

    2013 SVRA Sebring Teaser "Can't wait. The suspense IS unbearable...I DO hope it keeps up!"--Amélie Renoncule
  7. zuzulo56

    VSCDA MIRPA Celebration!: 2/2/13.

    4TH ANNUAL WINTER BANQUET...SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2nd 2013 - 5:30 pm "BE THERE...OR BE SQUARE!" {REMEMBER!: To make the print size more palatable (Readable), Depress the "CTRL" key and spin the mouse wheel...OR then tap the "+", "-" keys!} :D
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    VARA 2013 Schedule Events

    Once, while watching a Television Sports Show, I heard a racy-announcer (a VERY attractive sweetie) state that VARA was the largest group, of it's type, in the U.S. I wondered, at the time, if that comment was accurate...or just a piece of innocent hyperbole? {For the record I mostly pondered my...
  9. zuzulo56

    The Racing-Line at...

    "The Oldest Continuously Operating Road Course In The America's!" (WSIR): Willow Springs International Motor sports Park is a 600-acre complex of eight racetracks embracing nearly every conceivable motor sports discipline. The park is located about an hour north of Los Angeles, California...
  10. zuzulo56

    University of VARA, January 2013

    University of VARA and Auto Racing Fantasy Camp Once again VARA is putting on our annual University of VARA Driving school January 12 & 13, 2013 and we are accepting not only drivers with full race-prepared cars, but students driving their everyday street cars. The University of VARA is a...
  11. zuzulo56

    VARA Big Bore Bash, November 2012

    Big Bore Bash VARA thunder returns to Willow Springs International Raceway, "The Fastest Road in the West," with the Big Bore Bash -- featuring the Ford-Chevy Challenge, the Los Angeles Shelby Club, and high-powered displays of "American Iron" at speed on the the Willow Springs legendary 2.8...
  12. zuzulo56

    SVRA Watkins Glen US Vintage GP , Sept. 2012

    F5000 Results...F5000 Results...F5000 Results
  13. zuzulo56

    Sportscar Vintage Racing Association...Overview:

    Sportscar Vintage Racing Association The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, or SVRA was founded over 20 years ago with the vision of keeping vintage race cars on race tracks where they belong, and can delight fans just as they did in their heyday. The SVRA races on...
  14. zuzulo56

    HSR WEST ...Doings.

    HISTORIC SPORTS CAR FESTIVAL 2012 This weekend I attended HSR West’s summer event at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA. I usually don’t make this event as it’s a long drive and it’s normally 100+F degrees. But this year the weather was great (85), and I had the opportunity to visit some racing...
  15. zuzulo56

    VSCDA Presents Blackhawk Vintage Classic XX

    The Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association (VSCDA) will present its annual Blackhawk Vintage Classic XIX on June 17-19 at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, South Beloit, IL. It’s an exciting weekend of vintage racing and flyovers by vintage airplanes at a classic road racing course. Once again VSCDA...
  16. zuzulo56

    Tom Cotter Racing...'57 Morris Minor.

    British Racing Green, what? $16,000 per/hr.?