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  1. Mini Madness

    Fall Festival at Elkhart Lake - did anyone else have problems?

    No results but what as mess this event was. In the past it has been acceptable but never stellar. They always have a nice turnout of cars, mainly because of the location (Road America) and the fact that there are so many great cars within a half day tow, and the fact that the long dark night is...
  2. Mini Madness

    Jefferson 500

    Too bad it is the same weekend as Road America or we would be going. RA is farther but the track is sooo.. much nicer.
  3. Mini Madness

    HSR you understand them?

    hahaha...I loved to go to the Walter Mitty many years ago when they had all kinds of cars. It now looks like a Porsche parade for sure. I think Porsches are just easier to keep going than our British junk!
  4. Mini Madness

    SVRA's New Run Groups Explained.

    We plan to attend the Sebring race but it looks like our Mini would be in the same race as a Lotus 23. That can't be right, is it? Patsy