Autobahn country club miata light crash end of day

Bob Green

a little heavy handed and over throttle response, a new driver no doubt but will learn if this did not scare him off,


Vintage Curious
Hello, I see you found my video. I appreciate the critique but just for the sake of information for everyone’s benefit, I feel as though I should provide some insight into the conditions which led to my incident. The last corner leading onto the main straight of the north track can remain extremely slippery for some time after a rain. I may have rolled into the throttle a bit early for the conditions but once the rear tires let go there was little I could do. Perhaps with a more gauged countersteer I might’ve rode the rotation and made the corner however the risk would be armco vs tires so I’m perfectly ok with how that worked out considering. As soon as the left tires hit the wet grass it was game over. I drove the car home with a dented fender and bruised ego.

My heavy hand is also at least in part caused by my removal of the power steering and pretty fat 245s track tires. The steering feel is pretty darn firm so perhaps I need to either reinstall power steering or disassemble the rack to remove the seals as recommended, or hit the gym. I actually really like the car the way it is. It is an extremely visceral car to drive, at least by modern standards. It is fast enough to be fun yet not so fast that it burns up tires, brakes, engines every time you take it out. I’ve played that game and I don’t like it. You may be shocked to know I’ve been tracking, doing DE’s since 2000, nearly 20 years. Check out my other vids. They are a bit slow at times but I promise each one contains something somewhat interesting, either chasing down other cars or a decent recovery. I’m no hero driver but certainly no noob. I’m pretty new to posting videos so hopefully this year I’ll learn how to edit!