Formula Ford Pit Talk from ELVF 2019 (multiple incidents in one lap)


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This idea that you are the faster car/driver whatever, and yet you are behind another driver who might be "blocking you", how does that give the following driver the "right" to hit the car in front to remove it from their "way"? ? ?

Now mind you, "racing incidents" occur during hard racing at all levels of the sport. But I believe that every precaution is supposed to be taken to avoid "purposeful" contact in Vintage/Historic "racing".

Back in the day, driving of this type got you a one year suspension. 2nd incident of this nature got you banned. This video needs to be brought to the attention of the event driving stewards.

If you really want to "mix it up", go race professionally. This type of behavior is taken care of "on track" at the professional level. If you are constantly (or even occasionally) "leaning on others", guess what? They lean back, harder . . . . until you "get the message".



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Definitely ( not the “Vintage Spirit”) his fist raising at 2 cars shows his state of mind. Obviously the driver doing the bumping doesn’t think a person in a open wheel car can be killed by his actions?
SCCA would take away a championship if that bump moved the guy and the guy that bumped him off went on and won the race!
This driver was sanctioned for his actions, as he should be.