has anyone used Dynosource in Antioch, IL for dyno engine tuning?


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other suggestions for engine tuning a turbo Miata with a Electromotive Tec 2? The car has been doing track days for several years and I've had great fun developing the car but I know there is plenty of power on the table and i'm ready to go after some of it.


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I am aware of those guys. They seem to be more V8-centric, although they do some Subaru street performance engines with big hp.

Ask if they can give you customer references with projects like yours. And check their Facebook or other social media pages for customer comments.

This should go without saying, BUT, I'll say it anyway. DO NOT let any "tuning service" dyno tune your engine without:

1/ A "working" knock sensor. Don't let any tuning service "disable" any knock sensor.
2/ A "calibrated" O2 sensor.
3/ Most importantly, someone who can "read" spark plugs. Yeah, "old school", I know. But if you tune based on the sensors AND the spark plugs, you probably won't drive over your connecting rods . . . . . You WILL go through a few sets of spark plugs, so get them ahead of time.

Conservatively powerful and reliable, beats "over the edge" tuning . . . . every time. Since you are not professionally racing for money, AVOID tuning into the "KILL ZONE". The only things that get "killed" are your wallet, your engine, . . . . . and maybe your ego . . . . .