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" Brings me to tears to see Pedro on the top of the podium at one of the most important races in the world behind the wheel of one of the best cars of all times. Hadn't him and his brother died so early in their careers what would they have achieved?"--erikpn


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Although this is a "Post '65" Historic thread...I shall take liberties, in attempting to keep together the Le Mans videos.

Part 1



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I'm pretty good at identifying sports cars, but there are a few in that lineup that defy my brain.

I wonder where they are today?

1953 LeMans Entry list

I especially like the Bristol 450 and Porsche 550 coupes.

As unsual, a Panhard or Deutsh Bonnet always wins the index of Performance, and that, to the French, is the "winner".

Note Aston Martin DB3S #25, 26 and #27 standing in for the Bellini 3.6 team that apparently was rejected by the French organizers for undesclosed variences with the regulations.


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JFW said:
Note Aston Martin DB3S #26 and #27 standing in for the Bellini 3.6 that apparently was rejected by the French orgsnizers for undesclosed variences with the regulations.
You have NOT veered (a much needed pun...when we reference the "terminal-over steering" Bellini 3.6) too distant from the facts, in this regard. Actually, you see, at the penultimate soiree, leading up to the event, the Bros. Bellini made it known, to one-and-all, that they viewed French Cognac as a less appealing drink than giraffe pee...and less potent, too!. It's said that the French Foreign Minister, who was near at hand, could have accepted their opinion with an aire of indifference...but NOT their "hysterically-sarcastic laughter which accompanied their comments.
The always over estimated weight of the French Government was directed against the major-domo's of the FIA, who then threatened the promoters/track facility with loss of accreditation...if, IF they didn't refuse "The Two Bloody-Englishmen's entry." As the translated copy, of the decreed stated.
Forever after, Da Boys, & their legion of fans, considered the Circuit de la Sarthe to be as huge a joke, as the Froggies had long viewed their car and effort.



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Alfa Romeo Tipo 33
"Along with the Mille Miglia this was the best road race. Incredible to see those monstrous Ferraris and Alfas battling in the tight roads of Sicily."

Paul Brown was once again called upon to race the Alfa Romeo T33 at the historic races at Laguna Seca. The great news is that for the first time in three years, the car actually finished the race! The bad news is that there are still powertrain issues.

Paul Brown pilots the T33 around the famous Laguna Seca circuit in August of 2010. The car finished the race, but still had engine troubles. Paul still put on a great show and the owner was pleased.
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