How can I make my engine better?


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OK all,

The basic idea in a nutshell:

Here is your opportunity to voice the specifics of your vexing power plant problem in front of the collective wisdom and experience of all the members on this site. There are a lot of very experienced folks out there who can lend some insight into the various difficulties that may be encountered. I'm hopeful that many will unselfishly add their experience of how they may have solved a problem or some similar issue, to redress any inquiries made on this thread.

I'm offering to be the moderator of this thread, and I'm also willing to add my 2¢ or so, on every question. I'm not claiming to be able to solve every problem, but for those I feel unqualified to address, I'll make an attempt to point the questioner in the "right direction".

So, I'll be watching this thread closely. I hope it works out the way I envision.

For now, engines only. If there is enough demand, we could add other specific threads, say transmissions or suspensions, etc.