Looking for information on formula vee.


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after renting one of these neat little cars I want to start learning a little more about them. actually I'm thinking about purchasing one because I like the vintage spirit and I think learning how to drive a vee well will help me get up to speed in other cars more quickly.

looking for a model comparison or guide of some kind.

set up and maintenance, tuning and racing budget with rebuild schedule / estimates

perhaps some good sources of info. web sites or books still in print?

perhaps I'm dreaming, a product of an age where almost everything about a car is just a search away.


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Hi miatatude,

Submitted for your perusal:



There are other sites as well. Just do a Web search for "History of Formula Vee" on Google.

One piece of advice, try to find a model/type which will be competitive, combined with "low maintenance" (if there is such a thing on a "race car" . . )

If you are local, (Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Rockford rectangle) talk with Michael and Al Varacins about cars and engines. Mike has been SCCA National Champion 7 times, including the last 4 in a row . . . . . . .


Good luck on your search.