Mercedes even wary of Williams amid loophole threat

Are you saying this because Williams is incompetent or because Mercedes is that much better than everyone?

The idea that in one offseason Williams can find some sort of magical loophole to beat Mercedes is ludicrous. Wolff is just spouting off to try and lesson their dominance to appease fans.
The article is mostly standard "who can say what'll happen" stuff from Toto. He isn't specifically saying Williams is a threat, just that anyone might get a hand up. He may have a reason to think that, he may not, but it's kind of a fluffy statement in and of itself.
Yes, I was asking if you were a fan.... I'm in the same camp as drivers move around during their career. That being said, I also get tired of seeing the same guy win all the time, so I'm prone to rooting for the underdog. This season was Kimi and Ricciardo. (the last few seasons actually)