Race weekend schedules

Several of the larger Vintage sanctions run similar schedules and utilize track partners to help defer costs, but even so it’s becoming increasing difficult to warrant attending their events given the time and costs associated with them.

A current example is the entry fee is $650 for the Sprint races and an extra $250 for the Enduro for Sanction members, varies slightly per sanction.

The problem other than the costs is the Enduro to Sprint price and schedule isn’t very good. A recent example was if I didn’t enter the Enduro I’d have to wait from the end of my 2:00 race Saturday to the next race at 2:30 on Sunday, just to get one 20 minute race in Sunday afternoon. At events where my Enduro is Saturday if I entered the Saturday Enduro I’d have to go back out 60 minutes after my Saturday Sprint race for a 2 hr Enduro. Too tight of a schedule and 2 hrs is too long an Enduro for a single driver without a crew.
So, I propose the following changes for discussion.

Move all Enduro’s to Sunday to create an entire afternoon of non-stop mixed class Vintage racing. Great for fans and racers.
Have a lower Friday-Saturday entry fee because we’d lose the Sunday Sprint session we have now, a lot of racers leave Saturday anyway.
However, with a lower Sprint entry fee I think more racers would enter the Enduro, thus netting more entry fees overall.
This also allows some racers to run Friday Saturday only with a lower entry fee and one less night motel costs, meaning less racer cost, and thus possibly more overall Sprint race entries.

Also, start allowing Sunday Enduro race only entries for those that can or want to race Sunday only. A higher entry fee, with Tech for those cars Sunday morning.
Paddock space usually isn’t an issue since many Sprint racers leave Saturday.
While I like the full weekend experience there are many times I cannot commit to a 3-4 day event due to all the time and/or costs involved, but I’d gladly enter a Sunday only Endurance race if the travel distance is within reason. And some Sprint racers may opt to add a second car for the Enduro only.

Entry Fee example:
Fri-Sat Sprint races- $550
Sunday Enduro with Sprint entry- $200
Sunday Enduro Only-$500
Standard add on for non-sanction members.

Schedule example:
Friday Schedule stays the same:
Races (Challenge) and (GT) format.
Track Partner events intermingled throughout the day.

Morning: All Sprint race one sessions. Grid based on Friday qualifying. 30 minute races.
Afternoon: All Sprint race two sessions. Grid based on race one results. 30 minute races.
Track Partner events intermingled throughout the day.

8:00-8:30 GTC Warm up/Qualifying
8:30-9:00 GTM Warm up/Qualifying
9:00-10:00 Track Partner Track time
10:00-12:00 Quiet Time if required.
12:00-12:15 Colors and Anthem
12:15-1:45 GTC Enduro (90 minute race with two 5 minute or one 10 minute pit stop)
2:00-3:30 GTM Enduro (90 minute race with two 5 minute or one 10 minute pit stop)

Weekend Sanctioned Races completed:

3:30-5:00 Partner Track time.

The two 5 minute stops are standard hot pit re-fueling stops, and the “or one 10 minute stop” allows those without crews to return to the paddock to re-fuel without penalty.
Running Enduro Warm up and Q on Sunday morning also lets everyone get in some morning track time, then we can start packing up during track partner and quiet time.
GTC and GTM would alternate early-late race starts between events.

This schedule does several things.
It allows some racers to run Friday Saturday only at less cost.
It allows full weekend racers to run at less cost.
It allows Enduro drivers to get up to 2 hrs of track time on Sunday.
It makes for a full Sunday afternoon of mixed class Vintage racing.
It should increase overall car and entry counts.
It’s fair across the board for everyone and should not negatively affect the Sanctions revenue.
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I really, really like this. So much so, that while I was reading it, I thought in my head how I would set up the schedule and how to include the partner track time, and lo and behold, when I got to that part of your post, you essentially did exactly what I was thinking.

Oh sure, there are some nitpicking issues I could mention, but a little bit of tweaking on a great concept would fix that, so it isn't even worth mentioning. Especially since, this is really, really good. (BTW, I noticed that SVRA started putting both enduros on the same day for some of their events.)
It's a great idea. You have two good days of racing and a choice to do either or both. I completely agree with not always wanting to commit four to five days maybe once a year but not every race weekend. It is about track time and if we got to race an hour a day on sat and sun I believe a lot more people would show up. It is about racing your car on the track against several other cars and enough track time to make the trip and expense worthwhile.
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I believe this is how most PCA club racing events work. Sprint races on Saturday and enduros on Sunday. And, if you want, you can choose to register for just one of those days or the whole weekend.