So, you want to race a Mini, because they look cute? ? ?


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Ah yes, the venerable Mini and it's cousins . . . . . Cute and "compact", sort of like a Tribble or perhaps an Ewok. And just as much trouble . . . . .

Powered by the BMC 'A' series engine, but in it's "transverse" format. Some photos of what it takes to dyno test a Mini, requiring quite a bit in the way of adaption just to get them "hooked up".

Drive adptors:


Front mount adaptors:

Other adaptors:

Other adaptors:

Still think that they are cute? Harder to hook up than a big block Mopar!

In the finish though, these 2 Mini engines ran OK, and made decent bhp.

The client was happy, especially because:
Properly "tuned", they gained quite a bit of bhp . . . . . . . . .


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I have always wanted to race a Mini. I think a momentum car like that would be a blast and the videos of them running at Goodwood look like fun x ten! One of the best videos I have watched was of a guys footwork in a mini I believe it was at Gratten but not sure. I used to race my buddies on snowmobiles and we started with Yamaha 250's and could have a blast running a oval in a field and after I had graduated to four cylinder VMax's all hopped up that went 125+ mph that you could only hold the throttle open for .5 second in the fields we used to race and slide sideways and try to get a run on the other buy it was like jeez. We used to have more fun racing the slow guys. One of the very best times I have had on a track and my instructor said the same thing was driving my Alfa Giulietta Spider street car at Autobahn, 80mph in the corners and 90 on the straights. You have time to enjoy aspect of the lap.


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Phil how about that "3-ball Racing" guy we saw at Blackhawk..... I think he lapped the entire field in a Mini.