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15 year old Greg Siam's FP Triumph Spitfire:

Group 3 Race (Feb 18th, 2018) - "Wings & Slicks":
"We had in-car video problems so patched together CairyAnn's external footage (thanks luv!) with a couple of snapshots. A glimpse or 2 of JD "Black #21), a couple of Daryl "White-Grey" #9 and a lot of me of course - "Gulf Livery" #4. It was cold, but we had too much tape on radiators so overheating issues. I had decent 1:26:675 in between the heat problems. Overall really nice weekend driving the "new" 2006 Pro Mazda. Hope to run at SCCA event next month."- Robert Merritt

Saturday Group 4 Qualifying Race: