VSCDA at Road America...9/2013

VSCDA Spriget...1st in Group 2C...Rd. America 2013
"Without a qualifying time in the rain, gridded 41st, finished 17th overall, 1st in Group 2C, fastest Spridget. Great fun."--soavero

Road America VSCDA Elkhart Vintage Fest, 9/9/2013:
"I start in 2nd place on the front row due to qualifying in the rain on Saturday. I still ended up a respectable 7th. I had a tooth and nail battle with Mark Wheatley in his fast TR4. Turned the best lap time I've run in a Long time - 2:52 and change."-- Tony Drews
" I be impressed that although you right hand was employed a good amount of the time in "signaling", at no time did you flash a coarse gesture...as we so often do in France."--Amélie Renoncule
Ans. from Tony Drews: "I must admit to one course [SIC] hand gesture over the weekend - a fellow competitor tried to pass me in "the kink" which is bad form at this track (people have been killed there). I did give him a point by a bit later in the lap, though."

Our own Doug Escriva ("Dougie")...in 2012!